Thursday, August 4, 2011

Client Feedback: 1-Year Anniversary As a Non-Smoker!

Here's a message from a client who came to me to stop smoking exactly one year ago today.  This is great!

"Dear Sean,

I wasn't sure I'd see it myself, but here I am. TODAY. One year, smoke-free!

What a difference your hypnosis made in my life, and the lives of my husband and children. Gone are the stresses and side-effects of maintaining a relationship with cigarettes (and it is just that)... and my whole family is happier for it.

It was completely and totally hassle free and easy. I know. It sounds like it cannot be true and it's stunning to hear myself say it, but it's true. I can count on one hand the number of times over the last year that I've had even a passing thought about a cigarette. And in those cases, it's been more reminiscent, than a craving. More an acknowledgement -- "Now, see, BEFORE, I would have smoked at this event" -- than anything else. And even that thought or comment didn't trigger a craving. I have been floored the whole way through.

Other cessation products and programs just don't get to the heart of the matter the way you did. The way you flipped in my brain my response to short- versus long-term gratification was the key, I believe. Not a patch or a gum, and CERTAINLY not a self-supervised cold-turkey plan, can address the mental dependence on nicotine. I've tried them all and I am living proof.

There are other benefits: the amount of money I've saved is staggering. Probably three times the cost of the hypnosis - just this year! Everything smells better: my car, my clothes, my hair. Everything tastes better. I could go on and on...

So thank you for helping me change my life. It's had an awesome ripple effect in this house and I am grateful.

Wishing you and your future clients all the success in the world.



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