Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FAQ: "How Much Does it Cost?"

I've recently added this info to the Pure Hypnosis website, but thought I'd include it here as well... since it's probably the second most popular question I receive (after "Does hypnosis really work?").



My standard rate is $150/hour. I also offer multi-session programs starting at $397 for three sessions. There are set prices for programs for smoking cessation ($397) and weight loss ($397-$950).

If your issues are outside of those specific programs, I will give you an estimate for number of sessions and cost prior to beginning our work together... based on information I receive from you about your history and goals. The choice is always yours as to whether to take it one session at a time, or to choose one of the available programs.

When you're ready to move forward, please complete the client intake form and return it via fax (404-529-4291) or email. Feel free to call if you have any further questions. We can also set up a free consultation if you'd like to discuss things in more detail before making a decision to move forward.